What is Curbside Bites?

Curbside Bites is a gourmet food truck booking service specializing in recurring events, one time events, and food truck catering coordination. We work with over 250 individually owned gourmet food trucks to service locations throughout Southern California.

What services does Curbside Bites provide?

  • Trucks scheduled on a daily/weekly/monthly basis at locations throughout Southern California
  • Coordination for one time events with a pre-approved minimum guarantee of sales
  • Up to date, accurate schedule of trucks posted online at all times
  • Additional promotion of scheduled trucks at a location via our social media outlets, if desired by the location manager
  • Dedicated Curbside Bites staff available to answer your questions at any time
  • Food truck catering coordination

What fees are associated with using Curbside Bites’ services?

There are no fees for a location manager to utilize Curbside Bites booking services for a recurring event. One time events and catering events require a minimum guarantee and a 10% coordination fee.

What makes Curbside Bites different from other gourmet food truck booking services?

  • We are owned and operated by actual gourmet food truck owners, therefore we understand this industry.
  • We work with a network of over 250 gourmet food trucks in Southern California.
  • We make sure all scheduled trucks are properly permitted and meet all insurance standards put in place by each location manager.
  • Our events have been featured in multiple news publications including the Orange County Register, Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union Tribune, San Diego Reader, OC Weekly, North County Times, and more.

Potential Benefits

  • Retail locations have noticed a substantial increase in business during times when Curbside Bites hosts food truck gatherings.
  • Our weekly markets bring the community together to help local businesses and spread awareness about growing neighborhoods.
  • Curbside Bites can provide $5,000,000 umbrella insurance to cover events we coordinate.
  • Expert knowledge of municipal codes and vending regulations for food trucks in different cities.

Contact us for more information about booking gourmet food trucks at your location or bringing your gourmet food truck to our locations.



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